Grignolino del Monferrato Casalese Doc “Osiri” 2012




Osiris, one of the most important god of the Ancient Egypt, lends his name to this wine. A god who personifies the regenerative power of nature, king of the Afterlife, Isis’s husband, he is even a wine’s god and is the protagonist of a myth symbolized by the wine-making. During the restoration work at the ancient cellar of our forefathers, a bronze statuette, representing the god, has been found: it was certainly placed there, to protect the wines, by an ancestor, missionary in Lebanon.

During the Savoy time, Grignolino was considered as one of the great wines of Piedmont; later on, trend and time set it in the background. As Osiris is the rebirth god, this Grignolino represents the rebirth of a great wine.

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